Folksy Fringe 2023

Folksy Fringe 2023

Folksy Fringe 2023


The Folksy Fringe is now live and we’re thrilled to have been selected! First we were included in the summer exhibition, now we’re in it’s sister show.

Folksy HQ describe the show – “ When we were curating the Summer Exhibition we found we didn’t have space for everything we wanted to include, and so the idea of a Fringe was formed. We hope you love it as much as we do! “

If you missed the Edinburgh Fringe – you can visit Folksy instead.

Included were our bronze pearl waterfalls – the perfect complement to our gold ormer pendant which was featured in the main exhibition.

The metallic coin pearls in these earrings reflect a stunning range of colours which just look so stunning no matter the lighting. They are like tiny disco balls – an ode to our love of the genre.

Coin Pearl and Hematite Cascading Earrings
Baliwick in Bloom Exhibition at SULA Gallery

Baliwick in Bloom Exhibition at SULA Gallery

Baliwick Botanials

SULA Gallery – May 2023

We were delighted to be involved in the Bailiwick in Bloom exhibition. SULA Gallery’s Spring/Summer exhibition filled the gallery with floral imagery. Each artist created an artwork with a botanical element.

We created a new pair of our recycled plectrum earrings. The plectrums, cut from floral themed store cards have been embellished with rubies and finished with our signature sterling silver handmade ear hooks.

We’re loving using pinks and green together at the moment and this was a great opportunity to combine the two. The lush greens combined with the bold pinks creates a stunning statement that stands out when worn – and of course when displayed in a frame. They might be small but they have the presence of a pair of statement earrings.


The Sparkle of Christmas- Harbour Gallery

The Sparkle of Christmas- Harbour Gallery

The Sparkle of Christmas – November 2021

Harbour Gallery

This exhibition started on the 11th November and has a collection of brilliantly sparkly jewellery on display. We wanted to celebrate a collection of fabulous stones with natural sparkle or lustre, expect to see lovely pearls, bold colours and unique designs.

We have chosen a festive colour palette, a mixture of red, yellow, golds, greens and sparkling silver.

There will not be an opening evening for this exhibition due to current conditions. There will however be a Christmas weekend over 20th and 21st November.

A big thank you to the Harbour Gallery for having us back for a new exhibition. We can’t wait to see the it all come together!

Breaking the Boundaries Kyanite Earrings
Jade, Amazonite and Rose Quartz Waterfall Earrings
Bamboo Coral, Freshwater Pearl and Czech Crystal Necklace

In the mood for more sparkly party jewellery? We have lots to choose from in our collections from fabulous waterfalls to showstopping necklaces. Click the button below to explore our sparkling collections.

Birthday Bangle

Birthday Bangle

Birthday Bangle with Handstamped Lettering

Another recent commission for a 50th birthday…we love working on these bangles so much. We especially love using such a personal mix of special dates and birthstones, these projects are so nice to be involved with.

The important dates were stamped by hand while the bangle itself is hand forged and textured in sterling silver which adds unique texture and shine.

Each of the birthstones were picked to compliment  each other in both shape and colour. Each gemstone is one of kind just like the piece itself.

While this is a one off commission bangle we have a selection of ready made bangles available in our shop.  You can find them here.

If you are interested in a completely personalised commission please send us a message at