Coach House Gallery, February 2019.


We were excited to be invited back to the Coach House Gallery for another exhibition based on colour, following the success of Yellow.

We are delighted to be taking part in the “Purple” exhibition at the Coach House Gallery, St Peters, Guernsey.  This exhibition is open to the public from 4th February until 1st March. 

This time the theme is the colour ‘Purple.’ This exhibition will include work from a group of invited artists

For this exhibition we have created a triptych of show stopping jewellery in the best colour ever – purple. Once again, there is an accompanying essay, where we spill the purple beans. 


> These are an enriched version of our bestselling style of waterfall earrings, festooned with purple freshwater pearls, a much more elaborate earring. 

Lovely and light to wear, but beautifully long, dangly and eye catching, Each pearl hangs separately from the chain, and they spiral around the centre line in such a way that the earrings are a mirror image of each other. 

< Mary Quant eat your heart out. Massive blowsy flowers in purple leather, embellished with amethysts and dyed jade hearts. Hugely over the top, outsized and not for the faint hearted. We love making things like these, real show stopping pieces.