Colour Theory Essays

Originally a series of necklaces for the ‘Work in Progress’ exhibition at the Gatehouse Gallery in 2017. This collection continues to evolve.

Blue Chalcedony and Hematite Colour Theory Necklace


Cream Freshwater Pearl Necklace

The Texture of Cream

raw Sapphire, labradorite and grey freshwater pearl necklace

Pretty French Vintage Grey

White Freshwater Pearl Necklace


Murky Rainbow Colour Theory Necklace

Murky Orange Rainbow

Rose Quartz and Amethyst Necklace

Prison Pink/ Baby Pink

Greenery Chalcedony Necklace


The new Black Necklace

The New Black

Lapis Lazuli and Gold Freshwater Pearls

Safe Navy

Purple Amethyst and Miracle Bead Colour Theory Necklace


Raw Emerald and Turquoise with Howlite chips Necklace

Baby Blue/ Electric Blue

raw yellow opal and red bamboo coral

Fiery Red and Yellow

grey labradorite necklace 5 slabs