Care Instructions

Care Instructions for Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is very robust and hardwearing but will be affected by chemicals in swimming pools, and especially hot tubs.
Sterling Silver will naturally tarnish on contact with air, a process called oxidisation. Silver can be maintained by wiping with a special polishing cloth, available on request or from any high street jeweller. Avoid letting your silver get too tarnished as then it becomes more time consuming to regain it’s shine. Store your silver somewhere cool as heat will accelerate the oxidisation process.


Care Instructions for Freshwater Pearls

All our pearls are natural cultured freshwater pearls unless otherwise stated. Some are colour enhanced via a dyeing process which is perfectly colourfast.

Freshwater pearls do need to be treated with care. Avoid swimming and showering with them on, don’t sleep in them. Avoid perfumes, scented lotions and chemicals of any sort. Put your pearls on after dressing to avoid catching them on your clothes. Wipe your pearls with a soft cloth after each wear and store them flat in their box. With care your pearls will last generations and their lustre will be enhanced over time.


Care Instructions for Necklaces/Chains

Store flat in it’s own box and avoid kinking the wire. Once kinked, this will be a weak spot in the necklace. The wire is super strong nylon coated stainless steel cable. But just like a spoon, if you bend it back and forth over a kink it won’t last long.


Care Instructions for Earrings

All our earrings are made using sterling silver wire which has been bobbled by hand to create a headpin. Each of these bobbled headpins is individually made and polished to give your earrings extra handmade character. These ear wires are perfectly strong enough for everyday wear but please note we do not advise that you sleep in them or wear them for sports etc.