Chocks Away!

Chocks Away!

Our lovely big order of over 70 individual pieces of B17 wing jewellery has taken off from Guernsey and landed in Bury St Edmunds! We adore the surface texture on these pieces – with the added dog tag look we definitely think they look the part!

They looked incredible all lined up together in rows – we’ve got videos on our instagram and facebook showing the whole process!

Disco Earrings
B17 Wing Keyring Commission

Each piece is cut by hand from a B17 bomber wing that hit a telephone pole on landing and was abandoned in a field in Hertfordshire.

The wing laid on farmland for over 50 years, used as a bridge across a ditch, with cows and everything – until it was restored and displayed in NutHampstead airfield museum. One of the trustees of the museum, whose father was in the 398 Bombadiers Group stationed in the UK during the war, approached us to make tokens from a leftover piece of the wing a few years ago. We’ve made a new batch every year since.

7 Facts about the stunning Emerald

7 Facts about the stunning Emerald

One of the most well known gemstones – the emerald –  a history full of royalty and magical spells. Not to mention that it’s been a favourite of jewellers for thousands of years. There’s lots to learn…

What’s more we feel we’ve barely scratched the surface, so if you’re looking for more on emeralds let us know.


1.How Emeralds got there name.

Emerald and Sterling Silver Circle Earrings

The name for emerald can be traced back to the Greeks, who used the latin word – smaragdus or esmaraldus in vulgar latin. Which translates literally to green gem – which is very fitting.

The writings of Pliny the Elder (author, naturalist and philosopher) reference the emerald too. Commenting “nothing is greener”.

In Mexico, emeralds were called Quetzalitzli due to their resemblance to the feathers of the quetzal bird, which was associated with royalty.

Emerald is also referred to as the gemstone of successful love (more on that later) and The Jewel of Kings. A stone of many accolades.

2. Beautiful Beryl

Emerald is made from a green-blue variety of the mineral Beryl –  (Be3Al2(SiO3)6) if you want to get specific.

There are many other gemstones formed from beryl including aquamarine and morganite.

Emerald and Sterling Silver Circle Earrings

3. What’s the Oldest Emerald

Triangle Sterling Silver with Emerald and Quartz

The oldest known emeralds are estimated to be 2.9 billion years old, with the oldest mines being in Ancient Egypt – dating to 330 B.C.

Emeralds were also mined by many cultures in Central and South America. The Inca believed they were the tears of the moon goddess.


4. Emerald is in the Precious Stone Club

Emerald is one of the four precious stones which include diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.

They are traditionally the most expensive and sought after stones, due to their clarity, hardness and colour.

Emerald, turquoise and pink agate necklace

5. Flaws in emeralds don’t always take from their value.

Emerald Silver Circle Necklace

The value of an emerald often is set by its colour – the greener the better. While clarity is important in emeralds, untreated clear coloured stones with inclusions can be twice as valuable as their treated counterparts.

6. Emerald was a Favourite of Cleopatra

Emerald Gemstone Navette Sterling Silver Earrings

Cleopatra had a love of emeralds and used them in many of her royal adornments. She would also give visiting VIPs her likeness carved into emeralds.

The ancient Egyptians believed emeralds to symbolise eternal youth with many being buried with the stone.

7. Emerald is May’s Birthstone

Emerald Gemstone Navette Sterling Silver Earrings

Emerald is often known as the “stone of successful love”. It is reputed to bring loyalty and balance. It enhances unconditional love, unity and promotes friendship.

It was also thought that emeralds could make you tell the truth when you recite a lover oath.

The Emerald City in the wizard of Oz had roads paved with emeralds. Perfect for fans of green.

Fabulous Fluorite

Fabulous Fluorite

Just look at these stripey fluorite beauties – they’re finally finished AND listed on our website!

We’re in love with the bands of colour and texture in these stunning fluorite stones. They’ve been framed in a gorgeous handmade silver setting. A real labour of love, all topped off with our signature handmade textured hooks. Overall, they just made us say WOW (out loud)!

Disco Earrings
Disco Earrings

Started waaaay back, and picked up again during lockdown in 2020 – these earrings have been an ongoing project. For some reason we just couldn’t get on with them. But now these babies are finished and ready to go to their forever home. Do you have space for some fluorite babies in your life?

Fluorite is reputed to help clear mental fog and improving balance and co-ordination, both physically and mentally.

We’re over the moon!

We’re over the moon!

While we’re talking about being featured – you might’ve read in a previous newsletter that we were featured on the other side of the pond in Alyson Stanfield’s blog. (Otherwise know as Art Biz Coach).

It was SOOO exciting! We had a bit of a fan girl moment as we’ve been following Alyson for years! She’s a great business coach for artists everywhere, and we’ve picked up loads of excellent tips from her over the years.

Alyson picked out our gorgeous disco earrings design to feature on the blog – with ultra sparkly rock crystals!

Thank you Alyson x x x

March meet the Maker Highlights

March meet the Maker Highlights

The March Meet the Maker challenge by Joanne Hawker – we participate every year in this challenge on Instagram. A month of prompts – talking about ourselves as makers – it’s the perfect fit for us.

We’re delighted to see many of you commenting and sending the love on our posts.

So we thought we’d do a round up.

Click each image to see the post…

Emerald and Sterling Silver Circle Earrings

Day 18 – Process

There are soooo many processes we could show you. We’re obsessed with watching others working – especially repetitive processes, one of our favourite parts when we’re actually making (and not scrolling though insta and pretending it’s research!)

So listen in to hear some footage of us threading these teeny diddy garnets on to some teeny diddy wires. On by one… Counting as we go.

Day 14 – Collection

We’ve got loads of different product ranges to suit many styles and tastes, so this prompt was a tricky one…which collection to choose?

We’ve settled on our hand-engraved chrysanthemum collection. Spring is on the horizon – we thought these cute floral pendants would be the perfect palette cleanser after all the grey skies and rain we’ve had over the past few months.

Edit* And it just so happens that these Chrysanthemum studs have just been featured in the new issue of the lovely Wildflower magazine – perfect timing.

Emerald and Sterling Silver Circle Earrings
Emerald, turquoise and pink agate necklace

Day 4 – The Human Touch

Like Tracey Emin says – it’s part of us. The human touch – EVERYTHING we make is part of us. It’s always been an integral part of what we do, that we wouldn’t trade for the world.

Even if there’s a few choice words thrown at some of the earrings when things don’t quite go according to plan.


Day 13 – Signature Style

The parts of our work we consider to be our signature….

-Using paperclips to give our jewellery a unique texture – the secret’s out, no gatekeeping here with the high tech stuff

-Our signature handmade textured ear hooks are designed to look stunning and complement the earrings. They also sit beautifully in the ear

-Working with different materials, like old loyalty cards – not only is it fun, using recycled materials has been one of our passions since the early 90’s

-The Assay office hallmarks on our jewellery – it’s like a signature.

Emerald, turquoise and pink agate necklace