Athene designs and makes each piece by hand in her St Peter Port studio using sterling silver, 9ct and 18ct gold

Made with a wide range of precious and semi-precious stones, alongside found objects and recycled materials. Each piece is totally unique.

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October Birthstone Jewellery


Opal is October’s birthstone. This gemstone does not acually form as a crystal, but as the result of groundwater mixing with sillicon millions of years ago to form a stone. The silica spheres form a regular pattern, which creates the opalescence in the stone.

Opal is reputed to be soothing and cleansing. It is also thought to bring optimism.


November Birthstone Jewellery

Citrine is November’s birthstone, a pretty golden yellow stone which perfectly represents the colour of fallen autumnal leaves. 

Citrine is reputed to boost creativity and self expression. It is also said to bring joy and energy to the wearer.


Silver and Gold Ormer Collection


This is a handmade ‘charicature’ of an Ormer Shell. This is my version of the Ormer, pared down to it’s beautifully simplified basic characteristics.

The Ormer is a protected species in Guernsey waters and collecting them is strictly controlled. There are only a few ‘Ormering tides’ a year, when these delicate creatures are allowed to be taken from the beaches.


Customer Favourites

Affordable Art Fair Earrings


Recent gallery exhibitions – A diverse range of exhibtion work including our colour theory series.

Potato Peel Earrings On a Rock

Potato Peel

Handmade Sterling Silver Earrings, Inspired by the book “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” by kind permssion of Annie Barrows

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Inspired by the natural beauty in the world around us, Athene designs collections which celebrate the delightful and fabulous irregularities of nature (we like to call it wonkiness). With a degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery from London Guildhall University – Sir John Cass (1996), Athene has been designing and making jewellery since 1991, and has been represented by 35 galleries, boutiques and museum shops across the British Isles.