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Our long awaited spot in the OSA pop-up shop in Smith Street is from the 19th to 24th July.
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July Birthstone Jewellery


Ruby is July’s birthstone.

This stone is a variety of the corundum mineral, other gemstones made from corundum includes sapphires. Corundum is colourless, it is the trace amounts of chromium that give rubies thier vivid red colour. Rubies glow red in the sunlight due to it’s florecent qualites.

The name ruby comes from the latin ruber, which means”red”. In history many asscoicated rubys with flames.

Ruby is also reputed to remove toxins from the body and help increases blood flow in the body. It is also said to bring fire into one’s life and help light the darkness in your life and promote creativity.

August Birthstone Jewellery

August’s birthstone is peridot – a fabulous yellow-green stone often found in rock formed by magma and occasionally in meteorites. Its wonderful green colour comes from a mixture of iron and magnesium.

This stone was treasured by the ancient Egyptians as the ‘gem of the sun. It was only found on the island of Zebargad. This location was lost to time and was only rediscovered in the 1900s.

Peridot is reputed to bring good fortune, balance and stability.

Silver and Gold Ormer Collection


A handmade ‘charicature’ of an Ormer Shell. This is our version of the Ormer, pared down to it’s beautifully simplified basic characteristics.

The Ormer is a protected species in Guernsey waters and collecting them is strictly controlled. There are only a few ‘Ormering tides’ a year, when these delicate creatures are allowed to be taken from the beaches.


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Inspired by the natural beauty in the world around us, Athene designs collections which celebrate the delightful and fabulous irregularities of nature (we like to call it wonkiness). With a degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery from London Guildhall University – Sir John Cass (1996), Athene has been designing and making jewellery since 1991, and has been represented by 35 galleries, boutiques and museum shops across the British Isles.