Textured Silver

All handmade in solid Sterling Silver, these beautiful, classic and wearable beaten silver pieces will be your everyday favourites. Each one is individually handmade which ensures that no two pieces will be identical.

Stones and Pearls

Timeless, individual and naturally beautiful, Freshwater Pearls enhance any outfit. With a choice of colours, our freshwater pearls are sourced from reputable suppliers around the globe and are selected for their character and individuality.

Qwerky Guernsey

The Qwerky Guernsey collection was born from a desire to create a lasting memento of Guernsey. Inspired by the history of the Island and the landscape around her, Athene has created distinct jewellery which offers a taste of the true Guernsey.

Semi-Precious Bracelets

We work with a huge range of semi-precious stones, each reputed to have their own distinctive beneficial properties. Incorporated into a variety of gorgeous semi-precious bracelets that go with anything and add a touch of colour to any outfit.

Men’s Collection

The ‘less girly’ jewellery that we make, many of these pieces are made to order and can be personalised.

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