Fabulous Fluorite

Fabulous Fluorite

Just look at these stripey fluorite beauties – they’re finally finished AND listed on our website!

We’re in love with the bands of colour and texture in these stunning fluorite stones. They’ve been framed in a gorgeous handmade silver setting. A real labour of love, all topped off with our signature handmade textured hooks. Overall, they just made us say WOW (out loud)!

Disco Earrings
Disco Earrings

Started waaaay back, and picked up again during lockdown in 2020 – these earrings have been an ongoing project. For some reason we just couldn’t get on with them. But now these babies are finished and ready to go to their forever home. Do you have space for some fluorite babies in your life?

Fluorite is reputed to help clear mental fog and improving balance and co-ordination, both physically and mentally.

We’re over the moon!

We’re over the moon!

While we’re talking about being featured – you might’ve read in a previous newsletter that we were featured on the other side of the pond in Alyson Stanfield’s blog. (Otherwise know as Art Biz Coach).

It was SOOO exciting! We had a bit of a fan girl moment as we’ve been following Alyson for years! She’s a great business coach for artists everywhere, and we’ve picked up loads of excellent tips from her over the years.

Alyson picked out our gorgeous disco earrings design to feature on the blog – with ultra sparkly rock crystals!

Thank you Alyson x x x

A Taste of Spring

A Taste of Spring

A Taste of Spring by Athene Sholl 
The rain and hail has finally stopped, possibly just for a few hours – who knows? We even saw just a hint of a pink sunset last night. And the birds tweeted, very very faintly – just for a short while. Spring is on the way…
It really did feel like a sign that light was at the end of the tunnel. But of course we have still have 2 more loooooong weeks of January to get through yet. And then February – sigh. And then the weather will be up and down a million times, teasing us with hints of light and warmth. Then will come the fool’s spring, when cardigans will be cast aside, and sweaters packed away, in false hope, before winter descends again, like a shroud. To catch us all out. Then come the spring coughs and colds as the lymph changes direction and makes us all feel wrong. Rinse and repeat throughout March, and then suddenly – there we are in actual real live spring, birds singing, sun on our faces, clocks changing and we really feel alive again.
But we don’t have to wait until then – grab a slice of spring from our necklace selection. These gorgeous pieces were on display at the Coach House Gallery – and due to the gallery closing this week, (another sigh) we’ve got them lined up in the studio for you, Just when we all need a boost. Ping us a message if one takes your fancy
Athene xxx
Birthstone Jewellery Guide

Birthstone Jewellery Guide

For those of you shopping for birthstone jewellery we have put together a list of all 12 gemstones and some of their properties, to make it all a little easier.

 Some stones can be substituted for others with similar looks or properties. For example, Diamonds can be switched with Herkimer Diamonds which are a water clear quartz.

We absolutely love natural stones and are always fascinated by the properties of each stone and the ways in which they affect different people.

Our Birthstone Jewellery Guide

Birthstone Guide 2021  Edited

Need some ideas?

Here’s some of our birthstone jewellery.

peridot waterfall earrings

Peridot Waterfall Earrings

Dangly, bold and delightfully easy to wear, these earrings are made with peridot.

Peridot is the birthstone for August.

Peridot is reputed to bring good fortune, balance and stability.

Chunky White Freshwater Pearl Bracelets

White Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Beautiful, dainty and very wearable. These bracelets are made up of baroque flat pearls sized 6-8mm.

Pearl is the birthstone for June. Pearls are reputed to bring love and represent a pure heart.

Aquamarine Navette Dangle Studs with Sterling Silver

Aquamarine Navette Dangle Studs

These simple but beautiful drop studs are perfect for adding a bit of lift to an everyday outfit.

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March. Reputed to have a soothing and calming effect on the wearer.

The New Black

I’m not even planning to discuss black, defined as the absence of colour. That’s not a colour, it’s not on my radar at all. I don’t wear black, (I don’t have a corporate wardrobe at all) and I don’t even use black stones very much.

But the new black, ah that’s different. Along with prison pink and greenery, by jove they’ve done it again! The new black isn’t black – it can be anything they tell you it should be!!!!!! At first it was quite simple to grasp…”NAVY IS THE NEW BLACK.” You can see the thinking behind that. Navy is a staple, a basic, a base. It’s useful and can do most of the things that black can do. It’s slimming, forgiving, smart, simple, a foil for other colours, wearable. It allowed the fashion industry to flog more stuff, all in the name of newness, of keeping up, of staying abreast, of staying in the game. But then it got seriously out of hand. “Grey is the new black.” Oh really? Ok, Grey can be quite dark so I can see where they’re coming from. But then all of a sudden Taupe was the new black. Really? Taupe? Hang on this isn’t just out of hand anymore, this is just downright silly. Grey can be many shades, as can Navy and these colours can do pretty much what black can, to maybe lesser degrees, so I can see where there coming from, but Taupe? Interestingly I don’t ever remember brown being badged as the new black. Maybe they did that in the seventies but forgot to give it the catchy tag line, so it went unnoticed as a fashion ploy.




The best one I ever heard was the hopefully tongue in cheek “ White is the new black”. That one made me laugh out loud, the sincere statement that something other than black can replace black. I can see what they’re trying to do, wean us off our collective obsession with black

White is the new black, although perhaps what they really mean is that the presence of colour replaces the absence of colour.

Now that might make sense. Maybe?

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