We have Giveaway Winner – Collab with The List Guernsey

We have Giveaway Winner – Collab with The List Guernsey

We are delighted to announce The List Capsule Jewellery Collection giveaway winner … Lisa Blondel

Lisa was so excited to win and was over the moon with her selections – she popped in to the studio today and we worked together to find a set of jewellery that suited her style, swapping out the bangle for a duo of pearl bracelets. This is exactly what we love to do, helping people find the perfect pieces to suit them – it’s alway a good day to wear fabulous jewellery!

A HUGE thank you to the The List Guernsey for promoting us in their Giveaway. AND a second BIG thank you to all the fabulous people who entered.

Green Lichen on a Rock Close up
Hippie Irregular Pearl Earrings

Don’t worry if you can’t make it – we’ll do a round up afterwards on our newsletter.


Then Vs Now – An Evolution of Athene’s Artwork

Then Vs Now – An Evolution of Athene’s Artwork

Then Vs Now…

School’s out for Summer! It’s the end of term wahoo – and here’s a throwback to our own college graduation days.

Where we started, and what we do now are so different, and yet so interconnected. We have soooo many strands of this little business, and no two days are the same, sometimes we’re making christening gifts and working on restrained classic bridal pieces in recycled metals, the next day we might be making bonkers recycled plastic earrings with a colourful vibe. Then we’ll move on to some Guernsey themed pieces, perfect mementos of a fabulous holiday or childhood with bucket and spade in hand, again all recycled materials. We might be working on a capsule collection for a boutique with a fashion following, but then the next day we might be producing something extremely niche for a museum shop or exhibition. B17 Bombers and the Beatles are two very recent examples, again, both with recycled materials.

potato peel pearl drop earrings
B17 Wing Keyring Commission

There is a theme emerging here – and when Athene had to write a statement for her graduation, many moons ago, it centered around 4 themes, or strands to the work. Colour, repetition, movement and recycling. We think we’ve built on those 4 themes, picking up various strands at different times and weaving them together over the last three decades, sometimes connecting one or two, sometime bringing together all 4. That’s where the magic happens.

It does make for a hectic studio environment, and a hectic life, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Perhaps it helps having a certain type of brain. We’d like to say we’re planning a relaxing holiday this summer, but you know that’s never gonna happen, right?

Potato Peel Pie Jewellery
A Taste of Spring

A Taste of Spring

A Taste of Spring by Athene Sholl 
The rain and hail has finally stopped, possibly just for a few hours – who knows? We even saw just a hint of a pink sunset last night. And the birds tweeted, very very faintly – just for a short while. Spring is on the way…
It really did feel like a sign that light was at the end of the tunnel. But of course we have still have 2 more loooooong weeks of January to get through yet. And then February – sigh. And then the weather will be up and down a million times, teasing us with hints of light and warmth. Then will come the fool’s spring, when cardigans will be cast aside, and sweaters packed away, in false hope, before winter descends again, like a shroud. To catch us all out. Then come the spring coughs and colds as the lymph changes direction and makes us all feel wrong. Rinse and repeat throughout March, and then suddenly – there we are in actual real live spring, birds singing, sun on our faces, clocks changing and we really feel alive again.
But we don’t have to wait until then – grab a slice of spring from our necklace selection. These gorgeous pieces were on display at the Coach House Gallery – and due to the gallery closing this week, (another sigh) we’ve got them lined up in the studio for you, Just when we all need a boost. Ping us a message if one takes your fancy
Athene xxx
Thank you for supporting us

Thank you for supporting us

A massive thank you to everyone for all your support over the last 26 years! 
We’re always completely blown away by all the lovely messages we receive from you. It makes us feel so special.
On top of that our midsummer celebrations were absolutely fabulous. Who knew planning a party involved eating so much cake?

New Collections Sneak Peek

We launched two new collections at our midsummer studio party. They have not yet been listed on the website…here’s a little look at what’s to come. 

Can’t get enough?

Our website is full of fabulous jewellery!  But many of our latest creations are sold via our social media, follow us to be among the first to see them.

Birthstone Jewellery Guide

Birthstone Jewellery Guide

For those of you shopping for birthstone jewellery we have put together a list of all 12 gemstones and some of their properties, to make it all a little easier.

 Some stones can be substituted for others with similar looks or properties. For example, Diamonds can be switched with Herkimer Diamonds which are a water clear quartz.

We absolutely love natural stones and are always fascinated by the properties of each stone and the ways in which they affect different people.

Our Birthstone Jewellery Guide

Birthstone Guide 2021  Edited

Need some ideas?

Here’s some of our birthstone jewellery.

peridot waterfall earrings

Peridot Waterfall Earrings

Dangly, bold and delightfully easy to wear, these earrings are made with peridot.

Peridot is the birthstone for August.

Peridot is reputed to bring good fortune, balance and stability.

Chunky White Freshwater Pearl Bracelets

White Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Beautiful, dainty and very wearable. These bracelets are made up of baroque flat pearls sized 6-8mm.

Pearl is the birthstone for June. Pearls are reputed to bring love and represent a pure heart.

Aquamarine Navette Dangle Studs with Sterling Silver

Aquamarine Navette Dangle Studs

These simple but beautiful drop studs are perfect for adding a bit of lift to an everyday outfit.

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March. Reputed to have a soothing and calming effect on the wearer.