Then Vs Now…

School’s out for Summer! It’s the end of term wahoo – and here’s a throwback to our own college graduation days.

Where we started, and what we do now are so different, and yet so interconnected. We have soooo many strands of this little business, and no two days are the same, sometimes we’re making christening gifts and working on restrained classic bridal pieces in recycled metals, the next day we might be making bonkers recycled plastic earrings with a colourful vibe. Then we’ll move on to some Guernsey themed pieces, perfect mementos of a fabulous holiday or childhood with bucket and spade in hand, again all recycled materials. We might be working on a capsule collection for a boutique with a fashion following, but then the next day we might be producing something extremely niche for a museum shop or exhibition. B17 Bombers and the Beatles are two very recent examples, again, both with recycled materials.

potato peel pearl drop earrings
B17 Wing Keyring Commission

There is a theme emerging here – and when Athene had to write a statement for her graduation, many moons ago, it centered around 4 themes, or strands to the work. Colour, repetition, movement and recycling. We think we’ve built on those 4 themes, picking up various strands at different times and weaving them together over the last three decades, sometimes connecting one or two, sometime bringing together all 4. That’s where the magic happens.

It does make for a hectic studio environment, and a hectic life, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Perhaps it helps having a certain type of brain. We’d like to say we’re planning a relaxing holiday this summer, but you know that’s never gonna happen, right?

Potato Peel Pie Jewellery