Top Notch Diddy Disco Earrings with Pearls

Top Notch Diddy Disco Earrings with Pearls

Top Notch Diddy Disco Earrings with Pearls

Our signature disco earrings with our top-notch white pearls. Mixing up Classic pearls with a modern geometric feel.

These top-notch pearls have a beautiful round shape, bright white colour and pretty lustre that sets them apart.

Folksy Fringe 2023

Folksy Fringe 2023

Folksy Fringe 2023


We’re thrilled to to have been selected for The Folksy Fringe! First we were included in the summer exhibition and then in it’s sister show.

Folksy HQ describe the show – “ When we were curating the Summer Exhibition we found we didn’t have space for everything we wanted to include, and so the idea of a Fringe was formed. We hope you love it as much as we do! “

If you missed the Edinburgh Fringe – you can visit Folksy instead.

Included were our bronze pearl waterfalls – the perfect complement to our gold ormer pendant which was featured in the main exhibition.

The metallic coin pearls in these earrings reflect a stunning range of colours which just look so stunning no matter the lighting. They are like tiny disco balls – an ode to our love of the genre.

Coin Pearl and Hematite Cascading Earrings
Recycled Plectrum Waterfall Earrings

Recycled Plectrum Waterfall Earrings

Recycled Plectrum Waterfall Earrings

These fabulous earrings are a combined version of our standard plectrum earrings and our waterfalls.

Using personal recycled store cards and credit cards, making each pair unique and special to the individual.

Made from sterling silver hooks and navette chain links these earrings make a statement but remain light and easy to wear.

Each card has been cut by hand to create interesting and pleasing compositions, then individually attached to the navette chain providing lots of movement and light reflections from the metallic elements on the cards.

OSA Pop Up Shop –  July 2021

OSA Pop Up Shop – July 2021

OSA Pop Up Shop -July 2021

We were so pleased to be set up in the OSA pop up shop in Smith Street. We brought along some of our brand new Spring/Summer Collection for their very first outing. Lots of lovely soft colours and sparkly stones.

A big thank you to everyone who popped in, especially considering we were in the middle of a heat wave (we couldn’t wait to get to the beach in the evenings for a cool off), which was then followed by the mother of all thunderstorms on the Saturday.

We were delighted to make a contribution to two charities that are close to our hearts – The Guernsey Deaf Children’s Society and The British Heart Foundation.

Breaking the Boundaries Kyanite Earrings
Opal Hearts, Ruby adverutine silver dangle earrings

Missed our pop up shop? You can now find our new collections online. We also have lots other other lovely pieces listed.

We are still in the process of listing lots of sparkly new things, so check back in for a lovely little surprise.

Breaking the Boundaries Exhibition 2021

Breaking the Boundaries Exhibition 2021

Breaking the Boundaries Exhibition 2021

Coach House Gallery

Working with the theme breaking the boundaries, we created a piece sure to be a conversation point – our Adhibet earrings.

Made with kyanite, a gemstone which is resistant to thermal shock and often used in industrial ceramics to strengthen clay. Whilst it is not used in jewellery very often we think that it’s just gorgeous. Perfect for an exhibition on breaking the boundaries.

Hanging super long they create fabulous movement, showing off the layers of chains and the sparkles of the stones.

Made from 44cm of sterling silver chain they are perfect for an exhibition piece and definitely “breaking the boundaries”.

44cm long, kyanite gemstones, sterling silver chain, sterling silver ear hooks, £399.

Jade, Amazonite and Rose Quartz Waterfall Earrings

To the left is our new more wearable version of the adhibet earrings, still fabulously long and dangly at 7cms – just more practical.

These have now sold, but we can recreate a them with different stones and styles of chains. If you are interested in your own commissioning a version of these earrings, pop us a messgae at .