Guernsey Granite Exhibition – January 2022

Guernsey Granite Exhibition – January 2022

Guernsey Granite Exhibtion

Coach House Gallery

January 2022

We were delighted to be invited to contribute to another brilliant exhibition at the Coach House Gallery.

We created a triptych of statement necklaces exploring the feeling and beauty of the coastline and granite rocks through colour, texture and pattern. Recreating the lush, fresh and textured environment with fabulous emerald greens, raw stones and dreamy cloudy colours.

Creating these necklaces and exploring the individual characteristics of each stone was just like going for a refreshing cliff walk and coming home feeling inspired and invigorated by nature.

Close up of Long green gemstone slabs alternating with smooth purple and green spotty beads
chrysoprase and purple freshwater pearls colour theory necklace

Necklace made from thin raw green chrysoprase slabs, interspersed with pretty purple rainflower jade, with sterling silver clasp. £176

Rose Quartz and Amethyst Necklace

Necklace created from raw rock crystal chunks combined with lovely purple flourite beads which form a gradient –  deepest purples in the centre which fade out to pale lilacs at the ends. Finished with a sterling silver clasp.  £213

Raw Emerald and Turquoise with Howlite chips Necklace

Statement necklace made from fabulous chunky faceted emeralds, alternating with lovely light green pumice. Fastens with a handmade sterling silver clasp. £225.

Breaking the Boundaries Exhibition 2021

Breaking the Boundaries Exhibition 2021

Breaking the Boundaries Exhibition 2021

Coach House Gallery

Working with the theme breaking the boundaries, we created a piece sure to be a conversation point – our Adhibet earrings.

Made with kyanite, a gemstone which is resistant to thermal shock and often used in industrial ceramics to strengthen clay. Whilst it is not used in jewellery very often we think that it’s just gorgeous. Perfect for an exhibition on breaking the boundaries.

Hanging super long they create fabulous movement, showing off the layers of chains and the sparkles of the stones.

Made from 44cm of sterling silver chain they are perfect for an exhibition piece and definitely “breaking the boundaries”.

44cm long, kyanite gemstones, sterling silver chain, sterling silver ear hooks, £399.

Jade, Amazonite and Rose Quartz Waterfall Earrings

To the left is our new more wearable version of the adhibet earrings, still fabulously long and dangly at 7cms – just more practical.

These have now sold, but we can recreate a them with different stones and styles of chains. If you are interested in your own commissioning a version of these earrings, pop us a messgae at .