Work In Progress

Gate House Gallery Guernsey, May 2017.

“Work in Progress” exhibition at the Gate House Gallery ran from Friday 19th May 2017, with a wide range of work from local artists, photographers, architects etc. Highlighting the need for continued arts education in schools, and shedding light on the creative process. My work for this event centres around colour theory and how it has informed my recent work. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the colour combinations I’ve been working on.

For this exhibition at the Gate House Gallery, I was intending to explore colour theory and the science behind it visually, but the project morphed in a direction I wasn’t expecting it to take and I ended up exploring something much more personal. As I started writing about colour I found myself writing not about the colours themselves but about my own personal recollection of them. At which point I realised that I needed to explore colour in a more personal way, specifically what it means to me, creating my own personal rainbow of colour memories. The essays became the focus of my exploration with the actual resulting jewellery taking more of a back seat. 

My submission for the Work in Progress exhibition consisted of my own personal reaction to eight different colours in the form of eight essays, each of which had an accompanying necklace as an illustration.

Click on the individual links below to explore each colour.

Prison Pink / Baby Pink


The New Black

Safe Navy


Baby Blue/Electric Blue

Fiery Red and Yellow