Portrait Exhibition

Sula Gallery – February 2022

We had to put our thinking caps on for this exhibition , how can we create a portrait with jewellery?

After a bit of thinking and a few cups of licorice tea, we had our light bulb moment. Jewellery is often an expression of ourselves and even if it is not the first thing you think of, it’s already somewhat of a portrait. The choice of colours, shapes, textures and stones can express a lot about a person.

So we choose one of our favourite selfies and created a quick self portrait using pastel crayons, (having not drawn anything since the 90’s, be kind) then from the colours, shapes and textures we observed we picked out stones that complemented them. Now when the necklace is worn it will suit the wearer perfectly.


The necklace is made from a variety of stones, warm pink opals, red rubies and orange carnelian. Contrasted with a brilliant blue opal, which picks out the colour from the sunglasses and ocean in the background. And very handily picks out the eye colour too.

To display our portrait we have combined the pastel drawing with the necklace to allow them to complement each other and show the relationship between the inspiration and the colours.