Pass It Along Project

We are delighted to have taken part in the pass it along project again this year.

The pass it along project is a collaborative jewellery project. The idea is like the game of consequences, or Chinese whispers. Working within a small team of jewellers from across Europe and North America, I will work on a piece and then send it, or “pass it along” to the next person in my group who will then work on it before finally passing it along to a third person.

Below are two of the three pieces of work that we worked on for this project.

received three pieces of silver with hand crocheted white threads, two of which were already connected (left picture). A bit foxed, I pinned them all on a board and waited for inspiration to strike. But it was only when I came across the three labradorite beads in my stash that I made the connection. I love the way that the earrings are mismatched but have a similar volume. I also love the contrasting colours. I added a piece of hematite to echo the silver balls, balance out the design and stop them looking too “matchy”. Despite not really taking to the silver and crochet pieces when I first received them, I have worn these earrings almost daily since completing them.