Coast Exhibition 2014

Harbour Gallery Exhibition, Spring 2014. – Jersey.

Athene’s Little Russell exhibition collection was originally inspired by the view of the Little Russell and the neighbouring islands on the daily ‘commute’. Athene was struck by how much the view changed on a daily basis, and how much the colours were affected by changing weather conditions. A series of photographs taken of the same view over a three month period provides the colour palettes for these pieces, from which Athene then produced a wearable, painterly version of each view, realised in coloured stones and Sterling Silver.

Each of these necklaces may be worn in different ways, providing 3 looks from each piece. The necklace may be worn alone, or the pendant worn alone on a chain, plus the two may be worn together creating a more dressy look. The pendant is simply knotted onto the necklace with organza ribbon, which can be replaced as required.

Each of these pieces is completely unique, Athene prides herself on no two pieces ever being identical. All the necklaces contain an individual mix of the stones and other elements that make up the colour palette. All the Sterling sIlver components of the clasps are handmade by Athene and bear the individual hammer marks which formed them as a feature of the design