Folksy Fringe 2023


We’re thrilled to to have been selected for The Folksy Fringe! First we were included in the summer exhibition and then in it’s sister show.

Folksy HQ describe the show – “ When we were curating the Summer Exhibition we found we didn’t have space for everything we wanted to include, and so the idea of a Fringe was formed. We hope you love it as much as we do! “

If you missed the Edinburgh Fringe – you can visit Folksy instead.

Included were our bronze pearl waterfalls – the perfect complement to our gold ormer pendant which was featured in the main exhibition.

The metallic coin pearls in these earrings reflect a stunning range of colours which just look so stunning no matter the lighting. They are like tiny disco balls – an ode to our love of the genre.

Coin Pearl and Hematite Cascading Earrings