COVID Blue – Colour Theory Essay

The state of not feeling quite right, but not quite being able to put your finger on the reason why. Not physically ill, not suffering any actual symptoms of anything that can be seen or treated in the traditional sense.  Just feeling low – not depressed, not even anxious – just uncertain about the future. Feeling that the rug has been pulled out from under the feet. Whether or not the rug was actually blue.

Needing a dose of something incredibly vivid to shock the system into feeling itself again. Be more vivid – always a good stage direction.

Blue and Green Howlite Butterfly Colour Theory Necklace

Those delicious shades of blue that connect us to the sky – with no vapour trails – we all saw that sky this summer and marvelled at its clear expanse, feeling the benefit of those calming shades over our heads.

The piercing bright blue of light hitting the water at a certain angle – marvelling at its opaque expanse, feeling the benefit of those waves, whether we swam in them and felt the power of the negative ions or walked alongside them and heard the soothing sounds.

So, for COVID, blues, the antidote might actually be COVID blues, who knew?

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