Colour Theory Necklaces at St James. January – September 2021

Following on from the Joy exhibtion in 2020, St.James invited us to display a small collection of our colour theory necklaces in the new cafe for a few months.

The display consisted of statement necklaces all made using the colours that bring us joy. Filled with bright and bold colour combinations designed with the intention to bring a bit of happiness into your day.

Chrysoprase and Pink Agate Necklaces
Rose Quartz and Amethyst Necklace

Made from five faceted chunks of chrysophase interspersed with purple freshwater pearls which fastens with a sterling silver handmade clasp.

Rose Quartz and Amethyst Necklace

Three rose quartz chunks lined with bright purple amethysts and finished with a sterling silver handmade clasp.

Raw Emerald and Turquoise with Howlite chips Necklace

Seven chunky faceted emeralds interspersed with bright blue turquoise chips and lined with lighter polished turquoise beads.

Blue Opal and Blue Freshwater Pearl Colour Theory Necklace

Our collection of colour theory necklaces, each with an accompanying essay, are currently listed online. There is a wide variety of colours, stones and styles to suit a wide varity of tastes.