All Washed Up


All washed up was the summer exhibition at the harbour gallery which opened 12 July and finished 2 September.

The theme for this project was ‘all washed up,’  all pieces had a connection to the sea, beach, cliffs etc.

“We are extremely excited about this exhibition and did not realise, when we set the title last September, just how topical it would be” – Harbour Gallery

We used recycled beach combed plastics in our designs for this exhibition.

This was right up our street, recycling is a huge part of our ethos. Since the recycling exhibition at the crafts council in Islington in 1996 recycling has been at the forefront of our design process. We use recycled materials daily in our jewellery and we recycle as much as we can in the workshop, repurposing whatever we can. Much of our display material is recycled as is our packaging, which is also recyclable.