Aquamarine Diddy Disco Earrings


Fantastically sparkly Diddy disco earrings, perfect for wearing with a formal outfit.

We have a range of our signature disco earrings with lots of lovely natural stones, you can find our new amethyst disco earrings here.

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Lovely aquamarine silver earrings. Handmade recycled sterling silver circles and ear wires.

Each silver circle is handmade from scratch creating a unique piece every time. Each natural aquamarine stone can vary in size, shape and colour, however we do pick each stone to create the best earrings possible.

Hanging approximately 3cm long, these lovely earrings are perfect for daytime wear, but definitely sparkly and eye-catching enough to glam up any evening outfit.

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March.

Aquamarine is reputed to clear the mind and is often associated with water and can have a calming effect.

Made from 100% recycled silver. Want to learn how precious metals are recycled? The royal mint have great article all about it.

This pair of earrings is individually packaged in a branded gift box.

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