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Cornflake Pearl Chain Link Earrings

Boho & Hippie

Chain link earrings with 4 blue and red guitar picks. With a read circle and ruby at the top of the earrings.

Rock, Metal & Alt

9ct Yellow Gold Oval Earrings

Minimalist & Geometric

Cluster earrings made from purple amethyst stones which hang from a sterling silver chain and handmade hooks.

Statement Jewellery

Jewellery Essentials

By Interests

For Book Worms

For Nature Lovers

For Disco Fans

Hand holding a pair of pink and green gemstone earrings on a black tray with pliers - in the background are dinks in wine glasses

For the One Who Has Everyting

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Gold Coloured Hematite Star Waterfall Earrings

Gifts Under £50

Gifts Under £100

Dainty heart shaped pendant with an engraved repeating petal pattern inspired by chrysanthemum flowers.

Go for Gold!