Fiery Red and Yellow. Primary, heartstopping, but of course, this isn’t just one colour, and like the new black, it doesn’t really exist. All in my head, but that’s the point, it’s my version of the colour, or the combination of colours that go to make this up.

Ooh and look, I managed to sneak a bit of orange in there too, just because I felt like it, and looked back at the picture and then felt validated.

These colours are just made to go together, always linked by the use of fire, that most primeval and basic element. Man must always have loved this colour combination, the comfort that it brings, and also power. There’s no surprise that red is a powerful colour, it’s the ultimate power, Fire.

And yellow and orange just tag along behind…in my head.




Yellow Opal and Bamboo Coral Necklace
Red and Yellow Necklace

This fiery red and yellow necklace is made from 5 chunky opal slabs with red bamboo coral beads and smaller opal beads. The necklace fastens with a handmade sterling silver clasp. It is approximately 18″ long.


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