Colour Theory Essays

This series of necklaces was first created for the ‘Work in Progress’ exhibition at the Gatehouse Gallery back in 2017. The theme for our pieces in the exhibition was colour theory and how it informed our work. We wrote a series of essays which became more about personal experiences and feelings around these colours. We looked at what colours meant to us and formed a personal rainbow of colour memories.
We’ve now created new necklaces and essays for several subsequent exhibitions, each necklace is one of a kind and you will never see eactly the same necklace twice.
Below are the links to all of the different essays and corresponding necklaces.

Prison Pink/Baby Pink

Lavastone and Rose Quartz Necklace


The New Black

Safe Navy


Baby Blue/ Electric Blue

Fiery Yellow and Red


The Texture of Cream

Pretty French Vintage Grey

Murky Orange Rainbow?



Previous Works

Current Necklaces