Our lovely big order of over 70 individual pieces of B17 wing jewellery has taken off from Guernsey and landed in Bury St Edmunds! We adore the surface texture on these pieces – with the added dog tag look we definitely think they look the part!

They looked incredible all lined up together in rows – we’ve got videos on our instagram and facebook showing the whole process!

Disco Earrings
B17 Wing Keyring Commission

Each piece is cut by hand from a B17 bomber wing that hit a telephone pole on landing and was abandoned in a field in Hertfordshire.

The wing laid on farmland for over 50 years, used as a bridge across a ditch, with cows and everything – until it was restored and displayed in NutHampstead airfield museum. One of the trustees of the museum, whose father was in the 398 Bombadiers Group stationed in the UK during the war, approached us to make tokens from a leftover piece of the wing a few years ago. We’ve made a new batch every year since.