Santorini sea, Guernsey Sky, my grans’ old teapot. Such things make me happy, and thus Baby blue is a favourite. For no other reason than it reminds me of happy places and happy times.

The funnel neck jumper that I once blew a weeks wages on (Nicole Farhi, always a fave) and then wore for an entire long weekend trip with friends to Cambridge. I had a great time, and slept in my jumper, thus Imbuing it, and the weekend AND the colour with a mythical quality. Like a lucky charm. Poor old jumper, I still have it, and I wear it when I’m poorly to make myself feel a bit better. My Dad did the same, he had a sick jumper, that we all mocked. I wonder if it reminded him of a happy time? For me it’s the colour and the comfort of the colour, all tied up together.

In the Princess Elizabeth hospital, delivering my firstborn, with the help of a bit of diamorphine. Incredible stuff…I flew off down into a lovely electric blue tunnel. It was bliss. Although something that I’ll hopefully never repeat. Don’t really want to make a habit of such things. Incidentally, I delivered the second with a bit of gas and air, which my husband also had a go on – just to be social.

My current and favourite ever sunnies – in electric blue. Permanently on my head, I love the fact that they are so cool and everyone else loves them and comments on them. I would if I saw them on someone’s head. They look like flies eyes. Amazing blue ones.

That gorgeous blue palette of swimming pool tiles. I swim loads – several times a week, I find it enormously grounding and calming. I can think in a pool when I feel overwhelmed and unable to think outside of it. I head to a pool when I feel a need to think or whenever I have lots on. Perhaps it’s the monotonous up and down, or the endorphins of the work out of half a mile of front crawl, but I rather prefer to think it’s the colours. Ideas come to me in a pool – it’s just a shame pen and paper are never handy at the same time.

Blue and Greenery Colour Theory Necklace

Baby blue / electric blue…all my favourite things. Blue is meant to be cooling and calming, offering no stimulation. But in my personal colour diary in my head blue is anything but.

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